Our services

Domiciliation services

We provide a registered address to your company and keep the statutory records up to date ; we also provide office rentals.

Accounting & Reporting services

We prepare the statutory accounting records as well as periodical reporting books in LUXGAAP or IFRS alongside with various Tax compliance services. Any bespoke reporting can be delivered ensuring compliance with legal and voluntary deadlines.

Independent Directorship services

We provide corporate & independent directorship services and handle the local management of Luxembourg entities together with your organization and Lawyers & Tax advisors.

General administration services

BHHB Team makes sure the general administration of your company is handled on a daily basis and all corporate secretarial responsibilities & duties and properly accomplished.

Domiciliation Services

  • Provision of a registered address to your Luxembourg based Company
  • Safekeeping of all documentation, accounting records and company statutory documents and maintaining the corporate records;
  • Creation and update of the Companies’ files based on documents received by the Companies or established by BHHB.

Accounting and reporting services

  • Preparation and recording of accounting entries and drawing up of the annual accounts under Luxembourg GAAPs including the balance sheet, the profit and loss account and the notes to the annual accounts;
  • Mandatory filing of the annual accounts under eCDF & Luxembourg Business Register platforms.
  • Assistance with the audit process
  • Preparation of periodical accounting reports
  • Preparation of BCL “Central Bank” reportings
  • Assistance in the opening of OAM* account with Bourse de Luxembourg
  • Preparation of the annual report for transparency purpose to the CSSF via OAM*
  • Preparation of the semi-annual report for transparency purpose to the CSSF via OAM*

*Officially Appointed Mechanism

Independent Directorship services

Provision of Luxembourg based Manager or Independent Director in charge of the administration of the Company ensuring the most appropriate level of governance for your Luxembourg based entities.

Corporate secretarial services

Organization and holding of the annual general meeting of shareholders and the Board of Managers meeting for the approval of the annual accounts of the Companies.

General administration services

  • Day-to-day administration and regular relationship with relevant third parties;
  • Organize and monitor the bank transfers;
  • Regular cash flow management;
  • Follow-up of the correspondences;
  • Follow-up of the payment of the invoices;
  • Safekeeping and filing of documents;
  • Keeping and maintaining the corporate files.
  • Communication with relevant professional advisors
  • Communication with legal & tax authorities
  • Attendance to conference calls and physical meetings

Annual compliance review

  • Annual compliance review (AML & KYC)
  • Annual AIFM status review
  • Annual FATCA & CRS status review
  • Annual update for Beneficial Owners Register in Luxembourg

Tax compliance services

  • Preparation & filing of Corporate Income Tax returns
  • Preparation & filing of VAT returns

Statutory audit “commissaire aux comptes” services

Acting as Statutory auditor

Liquidation & winding up services

  • Mandate of liquidator or assistance to liquidator
  • Maintain company accounts, periodical reports and liquidation accounts
  • Coordinate liquidation: liaise with independent legal and tax specialists and notary

Commissaire to the liquidation services

Acting as Commissaire to the Liquidation